We are developing the next generation of personal, dynamic diet managers. Our pilot application, the LogiDiet Navigator©, is the most advanced personal diet GPS, offering you "turn-by-turn" guidance for your personal diet, constantly adjusting to your lifestyle, actions and habits.

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Dynamic Personal Menus

Don't struggle with menu plans. LogiDiet will automatically create a balanced and healthy menu personalized for your needs, with real-life daily meal plans.


Automatic Adjustments

Ate an extra slice of pizza? Don't worry. LogiDiet will auto-adjust your meal plan to compensate. From today going off-route will not destroy your diet.


True Personalization

We are all individuals. A diet suitable for one may not fit the other. Personalize your diet by replacing meal items. LogiDiet will remember your selections and change future meal plans to fit you better.


A Learning System

LogiDiet is constantly learning your preferences, habits and needs and adjusts your meal plans accordingly. Do you eat out on Tuesdays? LogiDiet will integrate this into your Tuesday meal plan.

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